Federal government allows indicators on bicycles – what will change?

January 24, 2024

As the Rheinische Post reported at the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Transport in Germany announced that it was working on an amendment to the road traffic regulations.

Overall, it is the opinion that active lighting on the bicycle increases visibility, that indicators increase the stability of the bicycle when turning and that the StVO should be brought up to speed with regard to electrical solutions for safety.

What exactly is allowed from now on?

Specifically, it should be introduced that all bicycles may be equipped with direction indicators in the future. This change could possibly occur as early as January 2024. It is important that this does not create an obligation to mount indicators permanently on the bike. They remain optional, but the value of turn signals is clear.

However, you can already use Flasher because it doesn't have to be installed on the vehicle. This saves you time-consuming and expensive retrofitting and allows you to use any vehicle with an indicator - whether it's a bicycle, cargo bike, e-scooter, pedelec or similar.

Why are indicators on bicycles now allowed?

The change in the StVO for more indicators on bicycles has three main reasons:

  • Reduction in bicycle accidents
  • Increasing the visibility of female cyclists
  • Increase stability on small vehicles

What was the legal situation before?

Previously, direction indicators were only allowed to be mounted on multi-lane bicycles or bicycles with trailers.

However, Flasher is worn on the body have already been permitted. The bangles have the additional advantage of being illuminated at the furthest points of the upper body for maximum visibility.

By the way, it is noteworthy that direction indicators have always been allowed to be installed on e-scooters.

Why should I rely on Flasher now?

What we at Flasher have known for a long time is now being implemented in Germany:

Additional lighting massively increases visibility in traffic. The hand signal causes immense instability - especially at high speeds, with heavy loads or when there is a lack of balance. And as Stafen Gelbhaar, transport policy spokesman for the Green Party parliamentary group, rightly says: standard road wheels are too narrow for indicators, so that the direction indicator can hardly be noticed.

Flasher is a smart indicator for e-scooters and bicycles that makes your rides even safer. The gesture-controlled turn signal ensures that you can always keep your hands on the handlebars. The automatic emergency brake light makes you super visible in the event of an emergency stop. Flasher is also worn at the driver's eye level and is placed at the furthest point of the body so that it is clearly visible from any direction .

Our warehouse is currently full to the brim and your Flasher set will be with you a few days after ordering.
Now is the perfect moment to make your journeys even safer.