Use flashers on bicycles and e-scooters

January 18, 2024

If you want to travel safely and, above all, legally with your micromobile, you have to pay attention to a few details. Since no uniform road traffic regulations (StVO) apply across Europe and the rules regarding vehicles permitted on the road are not the same everywhere, confusion can quickly arise.

So that you are informed about “Flasher” , we will give you the most important information about using Flasher in Austria, Germany and Switzerland .

You will also find out why you are allowed to use flashers on bicycles and e-scooters according to the StVZO and StVO.

This applies in Austria

The legal regulations for cycling in Austria concern two areas: on the one hand, the question of which equipment must be used, and on the other hand, which rules of conduct apply on the road. The Bicycle Ordinance specifies the equipment of bicycles, the StVO contains information about the equipment of e-scooters. The StVO also contains the rules that cyclists must follow. Users of e-scooters, including small e-scooters or e-scooters, are subject to the same rules of conduct as cyclists.

The regulations in Germany

The question often arises as to whether Flasher can be used in Germany. The StVZO and the StVO contain rules that cyclists must observe. There is also the eKFV, which contains special regulations for e-scooters. Flasher may be used in compliance with all of these laws.

You can do that in Switzerland

In Switzerland there is, on the one hand, the Ordinance on Technical Equipment for Road Vehicles ( VTS ), which concerns the equipment of bicycles, and, on the other hand, the Traffic Rules Ordinance (VRV) with provisions on road traffic rules.

Yes, Flasher is permitted as a turn signal in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Flasher can be used in Austria. When you turn, you simply activate Flasher's turn signal and then use Flasher for the hand signal. Be aware of the increased risk of falling if you take your hand off the handlebars when making a hand signal.

In Germany, Flasher can be used on bicycles and e-scooters in accordance with the StVZO. Before turning, activate Flasher to announce the turn with a clearly visible sign. The 360° lighting helps you be seen equally by following traffic and oncoming traffic. On the bike you don't have to take your hand off the handlebars, you can simply let Flasher do the work for you.

When using an e-scooter, pay particular attention to stability when turning when you take your hand off the handlebars to give the hand signal.

Use Flasher in Switzerland as a reliable and visible direction indicator. Swing the arm outward to activate the turn signal and indicate the turn direction.