Retrofit indicators for e-scooters

February 14, 2024
Young lady with white helmet stands on e-scooter at the intersection. Broad daylight.

Only 2% of e-scooter users give a hand signal when turning. This is mainly because hand signals are hardly possible on e-scooters: the narrow handlebars and small diameter tires increase the risk of a fall enormously when riding one-handed. You also need your hands on the handlebars to operate the accelerator lever and the brakes.

But if you don't give a turn signal, you run the risk of being overlooked by traffic. Almost 9,000 e-scooter users were injured in traffic in 2022, almost two thirds of them in an accident with another road user. The best option is therefore to use turn signals on the e-scooter to indicate turns.

Why do you need an indicator on an e-scooter?

You reach the following points when you turn on the indicators
Retrofitting an e-scooter:

  • Better perception by other vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses.
  • More visible to pedestrians and other cyclists.
  • Clear signal, always in the same position.
  • More consideration from other road users (car effect, equality)
  • Stability when turning (if your hands stay on the handlebars)

In summary, all of these points are ultimately, as always, about safety on the e-scooter. The two big areas are visibility and stability:

Is retrofitting indicators on e-scooters allowed?

The advantages of indicators on e-scooters are clear. The question still remains: can I retrofit indicators on the e-scooter?


Section 5 Paragraph 4 eKFV declares the retrofitting of forward and rearward direction indicators on e-scooters - or small electric vehicles, as they are more precisely called - permissible.

It should be noted that retrofitting an e-scooter must comply with Section 67 Paragraph 5 Sentence 6 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. This means that the indicators retrofitted to the e-scooter must comply with certain regulations of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and may only be attached and aligned in accordance with the specifications of other UNECE regulations.


By law, an e-scooter, known as a small e-scooter in Austria, must have an effective braking device, reflectors or reflective films that work in white at the front, red at the back and yellow at the side, as well as white light in the dark and poor visibility front and red rear light.

The law does not contain a ban on retrofitting indicators on e-scooters. But be careful: other road users expect that a change in direction will be indicated with a movement of the arm or at chest height . If the indicator is only attached to the running board of the e-scooter, close to the road, extreme caution is required.

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